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At Mission Creek we like to build things and build them well. Nothing makes us happier than to see a finished project, built to exceed the customer's expectations at a reasonable price. We enjoy creating something people can enjoy for years to come.

Like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, we also know that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So, we all have hobbies beyond the worksite. Some of these include: history, science, technology, and nature. Many are related to enjoying living in this area with a harsh climate but with never-ending wonders.

In this blog we want to share some of these interests with you. The topics here can be just about anything. Sometimes the subjects are purely recreational and sometimes they may be related to our business and construction. Sometimes they are related to construction, approached from an unusual angle.

In these blogs we also hope to create something people can enjoy for years to come. We hope to give you something good to read.

The Blogs

Colder/Warmer by the Lake Examined

The expressions "colder by the lake" and "warmer by the lake" describe two curious phenomena of Duluth weather. In Duluth, a five minutes drive can mean a temperature change of 20 degrees.....Read more.

Duluth Beach Water Temperatures: Upwelling and Downwelling

Have you ever wondered why the water at Duluth's beaches can be freezing one day and warm the next day, in the summer? Perhaps you....Read more

Duluth Fire Pits: Rules and Recommendations for Recreational Fires in Duluth

The fire pit still competes well with other types of nightly entertainment. The fire pit has outlasted the court jester, radio theatre, and will probably still be here after broadcast TV and Netflix are history. For ...Read more.

Duluth's Hidden Beach: Hidden Gem of Rock

Have you ever wished you had a fortress of solitude, like Superman did. That is have you ever wanted...Read more.

Digging Duluth: Dirt Depths, Rocks, and Outcrops

The Duluth area's underground varies from point to point as much as the temperatures and the landscape. As you drive around, and see the sudden changes from steep and hilly to flat and smooth, what's below is changing as well. Think...Read more.

Science of Insulation: R-value Explained

If you have done any construction or home improvement you have probably had to buy insulation. Here in Duluth, at Mission Creek, we’ve...Read more.